Monitoring, aquatic ecology investigations & data analysis

In order to achieve the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive (EG-WRRL), under the implementation of the European legislation on the protection of flora and fauna (Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie, FFH), IGF Jena offers a variety of services such as: a) evaluation and documentation of the faunistic and morphological status of riverine and lacustrine systems, b) evaluations of the success of restoration projects, among others.

Our services include:

Surveys and reports on the fish stock in lotic (e.g. rivers and creeks) and lentic (e.g. lakes and fishing ponds) systems

Photo: Northern whitefin gudgeon Romanogobio belingi, Brook Trout Salmo trutta, Pike Esox lucius, Greyling Thymallus thymallus. IGF

Evaluations and controls of the functionality, incl. technical-hydraulic characterizations of fish ways

Photo: Fish passage facility in Seebach. IGF

Success evaluations and controls of fish protection and up/downstream passage facilities

Photo: Fish protection facility in Weiße Elster river. IGF

Further services…

  • Assessment of the environmental impact on the aquatic fauna from activities on and in aquatic environments (UVS and UVP)
  • Water quality studies (including nutrient load, saprobic index, river or lake structure, sediment load, and verification of bottom substrates)
  • Mapping of river structure such as “special habitats” for fish and macro invertebrates
  • Highly accurate measurements of “habitat areas” in aquatic systems
  • Creation of concepts for the “development and restoration plans” for rivers
  • Evaluation and reports on biological restoration possibilities
  • Statistical analysis of ecological data
  • Scientific support for the planification and implementation of construction activities in aquatic environments (e.g., rivers, lakes, fishing ponds)