Research and Development

IGF Jena is also engaged in independent research projects to answer questions on ecological aspects in water bodies and their aquatic fauna. Our projects have given insight into a variety of ecological topics related to aquatic environments and associated fauna.

These projects are carried out with the support and cooperation of governmental institutions, universities and other independent researchers. Among our project partners we can mention: Technical University Dresden, Tallinn University of Technology, University Magdeburg, University Duisburg-Essen, FLUSS, PROFISH

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IGF is proud to have carried out research projects and developed new approaches to solving problems in the following areas:

Effects of the river structure and other environmental influences on the ecological status of fluvial systems at different spatial scales

Photo: Upstream fish passage facility in the Prüm river at the reservoir Bitburg. IGF

Development of new methods to study upstream fish passage facilities in rivers

Photo: Uhlenbach 2014. IGF

Further …

  • Development of new procedures for biological lake restoration
  • Development of a methodology for the evaluation of the function of fish ladders under the BWK 1.5 working group
  • Development of a method for “management plan” preparation in the implementation of the EG-WRRL (European Water Framework Directive) at the country level
  • Analysis of the effects of river structure and other environmental parameters on the ecological status of the quality components macrozoobenthos and ichthyofauna (according to EG-WRRL)
  • Creation of databases
  • Understanding ecological aspects of fish migration

Photo: Experimental setup at the TU Dresden used during a research project. IGF